Far Out

 Far Out – Itch.io


Point and click your way around your adorable space ship to fix your transmitter and order your dinner. This game was made during the 2018 Global Game Jam, the theme for which was Transmission. I did some of the programming and designed the “instance” puzzles that open up on top of the rest of the screen.

Age of Attrition

 Age of Attrition – Itch.io


Manage your kingdom during a 30 day siege as four factions all argue over what the best course of action is and how much money should be dedicated to what. This game was made by Video Game Development Club for our spring 2017 semester project. I was the secondary sound team lead and made the theme that plays when things are going well.


 BAMboo – Itch.io


Defend your bamboo forest from oncoming soldiers by swinging your bo staff in time with the music. BAMboo was made by Video Game Development Club for our fall 2016 semester project. I was secondary sound team lead and made the ambient pause music.