Spilt Milk

This was a project made for Comm 3204 at the University of Minnesota. We were tasked with creating the first few minutes of a TV show, and decided to make a parody of 80’s slasher movies about a serial killer with a fixation on cereal. I was the audio designer for this project, so I operated the mic and composed the title music.

it’s nothing fancy but the rent’s cheap

 it’s nothing fancy but the rent’s cheap – Itch.io


We’ve all lived somewhere with weird neighbors, right? It’s hot in your apartment for some reason. Go and find out why, or maybe don’t. The game ends when you go to sleep, and everything else is optional. Visit the Elemental Apartments, and stay as long as you’d like. This game was made in Video Game Development Club as a solo project for the month of September. I wrote, designed, and composed. The theme was Elemental.

One Week At Birchwood University

 One Week At Birchwood University – Itch.io


A game about being trans, gay, and happy.

Ashley is a recent college graduate driving to visit her brother during his spring break. When she arrives, she’s met with a house full of people, and a slightly drunk brother. There she meets three girls who quickly take a liking to her, and invite her to join in on their spring break plans. Choose who to spend your time with and get to know your new friends!